PokerDiagram – an exercise in futility


Before we got into podcasting, which is probably what brought you here, this site simply recorded a few facts, rumours and outrageous lies about our regular Friday night game.

Why 'PokerDiagram'? Well, a few of our regular crowd have been know to get confused about who's supposed to be dealing, betting, or doing other important poker-related things. If they would just shut up and concentrate, it would never happen, but there ya go. And somewhere along the line, there emerged a running gag about needing a Poker Diagram to keep everyone in line.

Serious stuff                            
Deal me in!

Who are we?

We are a group of people who play poker regularly together.
Some of us play almost all the time, other people just turn up occasionally. These are the regular players:
  • Stevie Sackin
  • Emma Cooke
  • Henry Phillips
  • Zog
  • Johnny Rich
  • Nick Tatman
  • Keith Young
  • Jon Murphy

(Profiles to be re-linked, along with all the other charming old rubbish, as soon as we get time to update the design of that bit of the site.)

Some are marginally more regular than others...

Who else sometimes turns up?

  • Kellie Keithsgirlfriend (her actual surname)
  • Gav Emmasbrother
  • Robin
  • Robin's pal Casper
  • "Other" Henry Everett
  • Jessica, very occasionally
  • Tom, not for ages now
  • The French guy whose money we took
  • Who's that other guy?
  • One of Zog's girlfriends once or twice
  • some other people perhaps best not to mention

Jesus, we really do need some new blood...

Link to Henry's new Search Experiments site - not very exciting I'm afraid.

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