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Ah, you lucky people... the PokerDiagram theme music is now available as a ringtone for your mobile/cell phone (depending on whether you're speaking UK or US English), and you can download to your PC it for free right here, or follow the instructions below to download it straight to your phone. There are two versions: the first has Henry's "London calling..." voiceover on it, and the second is just the music.

• PokerDiagram Theme with voiceover (MP3 version M4A version)

• PokerDiagram theme without voiceover (MP3 version M4A version)


How to use the ringtones
These ringtones are simply short, low-bandwidth MP3 or M4A files, which many phones can use for ringtones. (Sorry, we don't have a list of which format is right for which phones, but if anyone supplies one we'll re-publish the information here.) First you need to download the ringtone to your computer, then transfer it to your phone - assuming that your phone and computer both have Bluetooth, this will be the easiest way to move it over, otherwise you'll have to think of something else. You can then assign the MP3 (which will be called pokerdiagram1 or pokerdiagram2, with the extension .mp3 or .m4a) as a ringtone, probably through the Profiles item in your phone menu.

You may have to first move the file to a special location - on the Nokia 7610, for example, when you Bluetooth the file to your phone it will arrive as a message, like a text message. When you open this message, it will play the MP3 - when it has finished, select Options, then Save, and choose Phone Memory>Sound clips>Tones, and confirm the save and file name. The MP3 is now in the right place to be recognised as an option when you change ringtone.

Why won't these work with my phone?
I'm afraid at present we can only offer these ringtones in the MP3 format, which not all phones can use. We had a shot at making a MIDI file version (which a Sony Ericsson T610, for example, could use), but there are elements of the music that require instrument sounds and processing that a simple MIDI player can't handle, and it just sounded rubbish. If anyone wants to tell us how to produce any other popular ringtone formats, please let us know.

Who wrote the music?
Zog wrote and recorded it specifically for the show; although we're making the ringtones available for free to all our lovely listeners, he holds the copyright on the original composition, and would appreciate it if you would ask permission before doing anything with it other than using it on your phone, especially if that 'anything' is using the melody or any other recognisable portion of the work in any commercial recording, video soundtrack, or other product.

And thanks, BTW, to Tiltaholic, NickG, and Danoots for prompting us to put out the ringtones.


Downloading to your phone
Thanks to Andrew in Maryland, USA, for sending in this tip on how to get the ringtones straight into your phone:

"Most likely if the person's phone plays mp3's or m4a's as ringtones they will also have internet access.  They could simply plug in the url of the ringtone, in this case, and it would ask them on their phone if they wanted to download it and save.  Then usually it is automatically saved in their mp3/ringtone directory.

"In this case it would depend on their phone service plan and if they have the internet option turned on.  And if they don't have a data/internet plan, it is usually like 10 cents/ KB or something like that.  But just another way for people to get your ringtones."


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